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Application tools

In the Products overview you will find many different tools. But what can these be used for in practice? View the possibilities.

  • Read at Home

    Read a book, the mail, newspaper or check the thermostat or something in the pantry. From small portable solutions to desktop models with a large screen.

  • Cooking

    Many people still want to cook independently. There is a need to look at something on a package or a complete recipe. There are products for handheld use or for hands-free work.

  • Have it read

    Some of magnifiers have text to speech but we also have independent text to speech readers. These simply read print out audibly.

  • Read the newspaper

    Reading the newspaper is often more challenging because of the poor contrast. Various models of video magnifiers make reading a newspaper possible.

  • Working with a computer

    Digital access for the blind and partially sighted is sometimes difficult. Special software and large print keyboards make the computer accessible.

  • Read on the go

    Reading on the go can be in the store, a restaurant or when you visit someone. Check out the portable magnification and speech aids.

  • Crafts and hobbies

    For crafting, it is important to have your hands free and enough work space under the tool to move freely.

  • Puzzles and writing

    Puzzling is a fun hobby. This is also possible if you have poor vision. And sometimes a letter or shopping list needs to be drawn up or a form needs to be filled out.

  • Looking at photos

    Look at photos of family, friends and acquaintances again using various tools.