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About Optelec

Sitting, a lady points out text on a video magnifier in the room, behind her another lady watches.

This is Optelec

In 1975, Frans Tieman develops a magnification device for the optician from Oostvoorne. A visually impaired customer can no longer be helped with glasses. But surely there must be other options to help the customer with improved vision? This is the beginning of the video magnifier and of Tieman, now known as Optelec. Today, Optelec is the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of optical and electronic aids for visually impaired and blind people.

In November 2015, Optelec merged with the company Freedom Scientific. Optelec was the world market leader in hardware solutions, such as video magnifiers and braille reading lines. Freedom Scientific was the global market leader in software solutions such as Jaws (speech and screen reading software).

After taking over various companies, such as Enhanced Vision Systems and TPGi, the group continues under the name Vispero.

Optelec ensures that visual impairment is not a limitation for participating in society.

Our Mission:

Optelec wants to offer visually impaired people independence and self-reliance at home, at school and at work, including by supplying electronic aids, software and navigation applications. 

Man uses Optelec tool to read a magazine

Sustainable care

Our reading rules, video magnifiers, electronic hand magnifiers and reading equipment are developed by Optelec itself. Where necessary, we work together with selected partners and other suppliers.

Optelec is a socially involved organization. We contribute to sustainability and the environment. We do this, among other things, by reusing resources. Is there a problem with the tool? Then we will fix it. Can we no longer repair the device? Then we reuse the good parts. Are parts no longer usable? We then dispose of these via separate waste streams. In this way, Optelec contributes to a sustainable future for the generation of today and tomorrow

This is why people choose Optelec:

  • Personal approach

    We treat every customer with personal attention and ensure that unique needs and wishes are central to finding the perfect solution.

  • Expertise and knowledge

    With more than 45 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, we help visually impaired and blind people in their independence.

  • Expert support

    Expert  UK based support. Optelec is ready to provide you with guidance, advice and technical support.