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The Onyx OCR with speech gives people with visual impairments the opportunity to zoom in on documents and have them read aloud.

  • Enlarge documents and have them read aloud Easy operation
  • Camera can be rotated for distance and near
  • Private purchase:

Price: £3150 excluding VAT and carriage, where applicable.

Imaging magnifier

An electronic magnifier is a useful tool for people with low vision. Optelec offers various magnification and contrast display options, making reading and viewing pictures and documents easier. With simple operation, easy dexterity and even a text-to-speech function, these magnifiers help with everyday tasks at home, work or school.

About Onyx HD with speech

The Onyx OCR with speech is distinguished by the combination of two important functions: an on-screen magnifier and a read-aloud function (OCR). You fully customise the image by changing contrast levels, brightness and colour variations. This makes texts easier to read, or when reading long texts becomes tiring, simply have them read to you. This way, you take full advantage of the various possibilities the Onyx OCR has to offer.

Alternative products

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For a full list of specifications and manual, check out the downloads below.


Frequently asked question

  • Can I try a product?

    Optelec offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products. You can then experience it in your own environment and decide whether the aid is suitable for you. If you are still unsure we offer free, no obligation home demonstrations. Click on the button below to arrange this.

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