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The Optelec Compact 8 is a portable 8-inch magnifier with completely new functions that fantastically magnifies documents and objects.

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple contrast options
  • Touch screen
  • Dynamic colour contrast

Price: £995 excluding VAT and carriage, where applicable.

Mobile electronic magnifier

The Optelec Compact 8 mobile electronic magnifier is a useful tool for people with low vision. Optelec offers several options for magnification and contrast display, making reading and viewing photos and documents easier. A mobile magnifier is a portable device compared to a normal magnifier. It is also often used when people do not have space for an electronic magnifier at home.

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About the Optelec Compact 8

The Compact 8 stands out for its impressive image quality, with a large 8-inch screen that displays more text and objects for maximum overview. Thanks to the exclusive Dynamic Contrast™ feature, even illegible text becomes clearly visible through enhanced contrast between similar colours. The Live Image Panning function lets you easily zoom in and pan the live view without moving the device. Moreover, the built-in reading stand offers comfortable reading at an optimal viewing angle, and the Remote View function lets you view objects and texts up close using an additional camera.

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For a full list of specifications and manual, check out the downloads below.