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The electronic handheld magnifier Ruby HD has a high-resolution image quality for the sharpest possible image. Featuring a built-in handle. The Ruby HD is the next progressive step up from those that use an optical magnifier. 

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient handle
  • Built-in lighting
  • Magnification: 2x – 13x

Price: £355 excluding VAT and carriage, where applicable.

Ruby HD electronic magnifier

The Ruby HD portable electronic magnifier is a useful tool for people with low vision. Optelec offers several options for magnification and contrast display, making reading and viewing photos and documents easier. A mobile magnifier is a portable device compared to a normal magnifier. It is also often used when people do not have space for an electronic magnifier at home.

About the Ruby HD

The Ruby HD offers high-quality image quality thanks to a high-resolution camera and is easily portable, allowing users to use it anywhere. Magnification options allow text and images to be enlarged. Adjustable contrasts and colours allow individual settings. Built-in lighting helps in low-light situations.
Operation is simple and user-friendly and offers additional functions, such as image capture and image freezing. Daily tasks can become easier with this.

The Ruby HD is the next progressive step up from those that use an optical magnifier. 

Alternative products

Looking for a magnifier with a larger screen?
Then check out the Ruby 7 HD or Compact 10 HD mobile image magnifier!

Looking for a tabletop image magnifier for your home?
Then take a look at Clearview C!


For a full list of specifications and manual, check out the downloads below.


  • The batteries in my Ruby HD aren’t charging

    • The NiMH batteries are not charging.
    • Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly. See page 12. (Do not replace batteries while the power adapter is connected.)
    • Use the supplied power adapter to charge the unit. Note that a USB port does not provide enough power to charge the batteries.
    • Make sure the small end of the power adapter is firmly plugged into the unit’s power port.
    • Ensure that the outlet has power and is not malfunctioning. If the outletis connected to a wall switch, make sure the switch is on.
    • Some batteries have low charge rates and specify a “MAX Charging Current.” DO NOT USE batteries that specify their MAX Charging Current as being below 250 mA.

    If you are unsure contact customer support on 0800 1456115.

  • The battery indicator is flashing red

    The battery indicator LED is flashing red.

    • Charge the NiMH batteries, or replace the AAA alkaline batteries. (Do not mix battery chemistries.)
    • If you replace the rechargeable batteries, be sure to use 1000 mAh NiMH batteries.
  • When reading with the RUBY I suffer from glare on the paper. Can anything be done about that?

    The glare on glossy paper is probably caused by the RUBY’s LED lights. You can turn the LED lights on and off by pressing the Green/Yellow button together with the Red button.

A list of products

A list of products